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4075 54th Street San Diego, CA 92105 Phone: 619-582-5168 Fax: 619-325-0194 Fax: 619-582-2412 Website:
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About Us

There is a genuine connection that we establish with our residents.  This connection is extended to family members too.  At Jacob Health Care Center, we know how important it is for the people in our care to know that we truly do care for them.  It’s not just a job for us, it’s a vocation.  This is what we do every day and it defines as us the health care professionals that we are.

We wish our clients and residents the best in health and will do what it takes to give them comfort, peace of mind and encouragement as they go through their treatment with us.

At all times, we are guided by our Mission at Jacob Health Care Center:

  • Reclaim Yourself…
  • Exercise Freedom of Choice…
  • Have a Voice…
  • Take Back Control…

…By offering a combination of natural and conventional options through an Integrative Medical approach.

At Jacob Health Care Center, we believe that people empowered in their health Care decisions heal differently.

Amenities at Jacob Health Care Center

We present the newest sub-acute care facility built from the ground up within the last twenty years.  Today, Jacob Health Care Center is now a 56 bed unit including both private and semiprivate rooms with state of the art equipment including piped in oxygen and suctioning; this new building will be sure to satisfy your patient’s needs.

  • Spacious and well lit corridors
  • Patient Centered Nursing Station
  • Welcoming dining area to accommodate patients and families
  • Room and Board
    • Private and Semi Private Rooms
    • Providing private bathroom/some with showers
    • Flat screen Television and Cable
    • Regulated Temperature Control
    • Piped in Oxygen and Suctioning
  • Bathrooms
    • Private Bathroom with no shower
    • Private Bathroom with Shower
    • Community Shower including three separate shower stalls to ensure privacy
    • State of the art bath tub to re-train patients to their prior level of function

Jacob Health Care Center also offers a newly remodeled 72 bed skilled nursing facility including 42 private rooms enabling our residents to recover in comfort and privacy:

  • Therapy Seven Days a Week
  • Wound Care and Wound Vac specializing in stage 3 and 4
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • C-pap/Bi-pap
  • Flat Screen Television with Cable
  • Transportation
  • Beauty and Barber Shop in-House