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Find encouragement in everyday - to get better, to feel better. We welcome you to Jacob Health Care Center, a nursing facility in San Diego, California. We take advantage of the sunny weather, the peaceful environment and the abundant supply of quality personnel who provide our residents with absolutely outstanding healthcare services.

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a woman in the leisure room a woman having a call an elderly woman and a caregiver a caregiver and an elderly woman
  • a woman in the leisure room
  • a woman having a call
  • an elderly woman and a caregiver
  • a caregiver and an elderly woman

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4075 54th Street San Diego, CA 92105 Phone: 619-582-5168 Fax: 619-325-0194 Fax: 619-582-2412 Website: www.jacobhealthcare.com
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Welcome toJacob Healthcare Center

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Welcome to Jacob Health Care Center where we provide compassionate skilled nursing services to our residents and patients by our team of dedicated professionals working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Jacob Health Care Center, we believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect and resident rights in a loving and caring environment. We offer our residents with an ambiance where they can enjoy life to its fullest while receiving assistance with activities of daily living. Here, our long term relationship between staff and residents is the key to our success.

We understand the challenges facing patients of recent acute hospitalization for illness, injury or other limitations. We strive to ensure that our residents receive proper care and the comforts they deserve, with the goal of helping them achieve their highest possible functional capacity and independence where possible.

We know the people we serve and understand the healthcare needs of each individual resident. We also understand that the residents we serve are your mothers and fathers, your sisters and brothers, your uncles, grandparents, friends and loved ones. Like you, we want to provide them with a warm, caring environment.


"The nursing staff is wonderful. They are so professional and helpful to all my needs. I received such compassionate care and everyone really went the extra mile, the staff stopped to listen to what I had to say and tried to understand what I was going through."

- Michael Lovett